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RV-9A: Flaps - 10/25/2007
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Rolled the edges of the leading edge flap skinsRolled the edges of the leading edge flap skins
I didn't do this on the elevators and regretted it. They look OK though, with only a few places where the edge kicked up a bit when riveted down. I'm sure the paint will hide most of the gaps.
Started deburring everythingStarted deburring everything
I think they should call this part "de-boring". It really takes a lot of time.
Time for Dimplin'!Time for Dimplin'!
I built this homemade hand squeezer holder out of that green metal garden edging to free up a hand while dimpling parts. This heavy duty hand squeezer comes from ATS aircraft tools. It comes in handy when you really need to put a hard "squeeze" on a dimple or rivet. It also did a great job of dimpling the large screw holes in the fuel tanks. No craters around the dimples.
One set of parts dimpledOne set of parts dimpled
I had to my vise grips dimplers on most of the holes in the flap ribs.
Finished dimpling and countersinking the left flap partsFinished dimpling and countersinking the left flap parts
You'll notice here that I countersinked one flange of the flap spar and dimpled the other. As I mentioned in a previous log item, one side of this spar has a perfect 90 degree flange, which I dimpled. The other flange has more of an angle bend which prevented my from dimpling it without distorting the spar. The instructions say to countersink both sides, but I opted to do what I did. I'm not suggesting that anyone else do this. This is my experiment.
I will now go on to the right flap parts.
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