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RV-9A: Vertical Stabilizer - 10/17/2005
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Started work on the Vertical StabilizerStarted work on the Vertical Stabilizer
I clecoed the VS-808PP Spar Doubler to the VS-803PP Rear Spar. Then I clecoed on the rudder hinge brackets and drilled out the two missing holes in one of the brackets, using the holes in the spar channel as a guide.
Sanded and fluted the VS ribsSanded and fluted the VS ribs
My favorite part, sanding. I used some fine foam rubber sanding blocks that I got from Lowes. They do a nice job of rounding off the edges. When these parts are formed at Van's, they have arch in them as a result of being pressed into shape. Fluting (or crimping) the flanges between the rivet holes helps straighten out the arch.
Clecoed the spars and ribs togetherClecoed the spars and ribs together
I used a regular #30 drill bit and a 12 inch #30 drill bit to final drill all of the holes in the spars and ribs. The 12 inch drill bit helps when the regular short bit causes the drill chuck to hit the sides of the ribs. It is also flexible, allowing you to "drill around the corner".
Started clecoing the VS skin on to the spars and ribsStarted clecoing the VS skin on to the spars and ribs
Well, I'm pooped. I will finish clecoing the skin and final drilling the holes tomorrow. I am going to get some more 4" inch foam and cut to fit between the clecos in the center, so I can lay the VS on its side without the clecos hitting the workbench.
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