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RV-9A: Right Wing Prep - 12/10/2006
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Wing cradle modificationWing cradle modification
Since I am only using "my half" of the garage, there are space limitations. Up until now I have kept all of the unused wing parts in the original 3x6 crate that I got from Van's when the wings were delivered. Now that I have to store one of the wings to start on the other, I NEED MORE SPACE! So decided to add a lower section to the wing cradle to hold the wing parts and get rid of the 3x6 crate from Van's. Here I have removed one of the angle 2x4 braces and replaced it with a vertical brace, using some of these neat tin attachment thingies (that's a technical term), which I got from Home Depot. I had to remove the original 45 degree angle to allow room for the wing skins to lay flat on the lower section.
Added 2 more 2x4 railsAdded 2 more 2x4 rails
I put a 2x4 on each side of the exising wing dolly for the plywood to screw into. They are the same length as the center beam.
A little custom fittingA little custom fitting
I had use my power miter saw to cut off a little of the 2x4 on each end to make it fit nicely.
Put some plywood on topPut some plywood on top
I bought some 3/8" CD plywood at Home Depot and had them pre-cut it 36 inches wide. I notched out for the 2x4 braces on each end with my jigsaw. Then I screwed the plywood down with 1 1/4" wood screws.
Okay... here's the spooky partOkay... here's the spooky part
The 12 inch wide scrap piece of plywood that was left over from the pre-cut at Home Depot, fit the other end perfectly. All I had to do was cut it off 36" long. The Force is with me young Paduwon. I screwed that into place as well.
Added 2 1x6 side railsAdded 2 1x6 side rails
I wanted to keep my plane parts from rolling off the plywood, so I screwed two side rails that stick up above the plywood.
Loaded it upLoaded it up
Works pretty damn good, if I do say so (and I do!). I called out my kiddo and we did a demolition derby on the old Van's 3x6 crate and hauled it off (I did save some of the wood, ya' never know).
Oh yeah, I worked on the RV too!Oh yeah, I worked on the RV too!
I final drilled all of the holes in the spars and ribs and primed the ribs in the right wing. When I get everything riveted together, the whole thing will go on the wing jig after I relocate the left wing on to the new wing cradle.
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