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I put this page together to help me remember some of the RV related supplies, accessories and resources that I read about in the various email groups such as RV Email Lists - Matronics, Rivet Bangers - RV Information Exchange, Yahoo - RV-7A & 9A, Van's Air Force, Website & Forum and for those RV brethen "across the pond" in the United Kingdom, The RV Squadron. Please feel free to contact me if I left anything off that you think should be on this page.
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Aircraft Construction/Classes/How Tos
Aircraft Electrical/Wiring/Ignition
Aircraft Engines/Conversions/Exhaust
Aircraft Fuel Systems/Accessories
Aircraft Gear Mods, Tires and Accessories
Aircraft Graphics
Aircraft Inspection/DAR/FAA
Aircraft Interiors/Soundproofing
Aircraft Lighting/Strobes
Aircraft Paint/Painting Services/Aluminum Polishing
Aircraft Parts/Accessories/Hardware
Aircraft Tools/Supplies
Aviation Websites
Builder Assistance/Help/Aircraft Services
Email Support Groups/Help
Find Other RV Builders
Flight Training/Transitioning
Homebuilder Logs
Homemade Tools/How Tos'
IPhone Aviation Apps
Paint Your Own Airplane!
Publications (Books/Videos)
Reference/Conversion Tables
RV Videos (for motivation)

How-to Videos
Electrical Wiring/Tools(2) Fuel Systems(2) Nuts/Bolts/Safety Wiring(2)
Rivets and Riveting(4) RV Aircraft Info/Facts/History(4) Working with Sheet Metal(2)

Aircraft Construction/Classes/How Tos - Back to the TOP!
  • Aircraft Construction Work Table
    EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables Plans and Building Instructions
  • EAA How-To Books
    The Official EAA Merchandise Catalog.
  • EAA SportAir Workshops
    Build your own airplane! Let us show you how.
  • Experimental Aircraft library of how-to Articles
    Lot's of cool articles about everything to do with Experimental Aircraft.
  • Jim's RV-8A Fiberglass Tutorial
    "Fiberglass!", "Why does it always have to be Fiberglass?" Tutorial on a fiberglass modification to a FAB airbox.
  • RV Training Project Practice Kit
    This is a training project used to introduce prospective RV builders to the materials and techniques used in putting together an RV kit. You'll assemble a short section of control surface and, in the process, learn the basic sheet metal skills needed during actual kit construction.
  • Sheet Metal Video
    Demo of constructing the RV Training Project Practice Kit *(go to "Videos", "Other Videos", and look for "Sheet Metal Tools").
  • Texas Welding Schools
    Texas Welding Schools helps inform people about every Texas state-approved welding program in their area. They have information about programs located in major metro areas like Houston, DFW, and San Antonio, as well as an interactive map that displays all programs across the state. The site also has resources on how to find financial aid for welding schools, welding programs for veterans, what to expect from welding school, and other educational resources on the blog.
  • Tips on Cutting, Drilling and Cleaning Canopies
    Todd's Canopies, Inc.1445 NE 33rd St., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334 Email:BSILVER05@aol.com Phone # : 954-579-0874
  • Toolbox Kit Practice Project
    The Toolbox Kit comes with documentation, along with all the parts and rivets needed to complete the toolbox. This training project consists of several pre-punched parts that are riveted together to form the box and lid and a hinge to hold them together.
  • Wing Incidence Drilling Simplified
    Van's PDF file on setting the wing incidence.
Aircraft Electrical/Wiring/Ignition - Back to the TOP!
Aircraft Engines/Conversions/Exhaust - Back to the TOP!
  • Aircraft Exhaust Systems
    Supplier of aircraft exhaust components and services for OEMs and homebuilders.
  • Centurion Jet Fuel/Diesel Engines
    Jet fuel piston aircraft engines for General Aviation flight schools, charter companys, clubs, and every pilot who wants to enjoy lower operating costs for fuel and service.
  • Conversion Concepts, Inc.
    Engine mounts for rotary engines.
  • Engine Hanging Guide
    Hanging the engine is perhaps one of the biggest days in the life of a custom-built airplane. This article was prepared to address this need by providing an illustrated guide to mounting a Lycoming engine on your plane.
  • Exhaust PiccoloTubes
    Mounting these "piccolo" tubes on the ends of the aircraft exhaust pipes will substantially lower exhaust noise. Tests on an RV-6 showed a 3 db drop in noise power, or 3 times less than previously measured. Each can be quickly and easily installed by slipping them over the end of standard 1-3/4" exhaust pipes and tightening down the attached screw clamp. Made of stainless steel. Installed length 6".
  • Illustrated Guide to Engine Hanging
    Hanging the engine is perhaps one of the biggest days in the life of a custom-built airplane. It is, however, one of the least illustrated or documented procedures for the home builder, including the RV series of aircraft. This article was prepared to address this need by providing an illustrated guide to mounting a Lycoming engine on your plane.
  • Vetterman Exhaust, Inc.
    Vetterman Exhaust, Inc. has been in business since 1990 and offer exhaust systems for all RV models and engine combinations, from the RV-3 thru the RV-10. We currently manufacture 31 different systems for the RV line.
Aircraft Fuel Systems/Accessories - Back to the TOP!
Aircraft Gear Mods, Tires and Accessories - Back to the TOP!
  • Anti Splat Aero.com
    Anti-Splat-Aero is very proud to offer a new revolutionary product ( THE NOSE JOB ) as a partial solution to the nose gear leg fears of many RV-A model builders, current owners and potential buyers of these wonderful aircraft.
  • Flange Style Axle - Matco
    This axle assembly is an excellent replacement for two piece axles used on the RV style nose gear fork.
  • Fresh Aero EasyLift System
    When lifting RV aircraft, special care is needed to assure safe and damage free lifting. Fresh Aero Aviation (a part of The Steelebrook Group) manufactures lift systems for Grumman small aircraft and is now introducing a motorized "EasyLift" for RV 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 series aircraft that will lift both tail and nose gear configurations with ease.
  • Grove Nose Gear Upgrade
    For improved aircraft handling and safety.
  • The Handy Jack
    A cool tool allowing easy lifting of an RV for wheel removal.
  • Tow Bars by Bogi-Bar
    Operation: Extend the handle easily with high-shear quick release pin. Apply forward pressure on the spreader bar to open the wishbone jaws. Line up Bogi-Bar attachments at the tow points or axle depending on model. Release the tension on the spreader bar and youre Locked-On! The tow bar will not slip off the plane. Reversal for removal. Extended, the Bogi-Bars are slightly over 4 feet long unless noted.
Aircraft Graphics - Back to the TOP!
  • AeroGraphics
    AeroGraphics has catalog of replacement factory decals, a large database of interior kits, exterior kits, flags, military markings, and much more. Also, custom decals are a specialty at AeroGraphics. Registration numbers or company logos.
  • Aircraft Impressions
    Aircraft Impressions produces stripe, graphics and tail numbers for private aircraft of all kinds.
  • Binder Sign and Design
    Aircraft vinyl graphics. Custom aircraft striping & registration numbers!
  • The Pixel Hut Specialty Graphics
    Manufacturers of high quality custom Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat and Airplane graphics including BMW Motorrad Motorcycle, Porsche, Jeep, Mini and Toyota FJ Cruiser decal kits. Our products are custom cut and printed to order using high quality Oracal Vinyl and laminated (where applicable) for scratch resistance and up to eight year outdoor UV protection. We are located in Tampa Bay Florida and ship our Graphics and Decal Kits Worldwide.
  • Vinyl Graphics by Greg
    Custom Signs, Banners, Decals, & More!
Aircraft Inspection/DAR/FAA - Back to the TOP!
  • T C Willis, LLC - FAA DAR - Experimental Aircraft
    Supporting Experimental aircraft builders nationwide since 1995. providing; FAA DAR-T Amateur-built, Research and Development, Special Light Sport and Experimental Light Sport Certification Inspections Nationwide.
Aircraft Interiors/Soundproofing - Back to the TOP!
Aircraft Lighting/Strobes - Back to the TOP!
  • Duckworks Aviation
    Duckworks Aviation was started in 1992 by Don & Janet Wentz. As Don was finishing the wings for his RV-6 he developed a Landing Light kit that addressed some issues with kits that were available then. When Van's asked if we wanted to add it to their Accessory Catalog, we agreed and sales really took off. Since then Duckworks lights have been the preferred RV Landing Light system.
  • KillaCycle.com
    Landing lights and LED navigation light kits.
  • Whelen Aircraft Strobes
    State of the art warning devices for the aviation industry.
Aircraft Paint/Painting Services/Aluminum Polishing - Back to the TOP!
  • Article on Polishing Aluminum
    Polishing Aluminum Panels. The Swift Method to a Mirror Finish.
  • Axis Products, Inc. Painting Systems
    Axis Products in Gilberts, Illinois, manufacturers of the CITATION HVLP combination paint sprayer and supplied-air respirator system.
    Complete aircraft refinishing on single, twin and small jets. Fiberglass, metal and fabric repair. Custom graphic and art work.
  • Flying Kolors Aero Paints
    Flying Kolors Aero Paints is a family owned and operated business that takes pride and works hard at turning out the best possible paint jobs. We have been painting since 1981 and expanded in 1997 to our present location at the Riverside Municipal Airport in Riverside, California.
  • Gillis Aeropaint
    Located just south of Will Rogers World airport in Okahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Glo Custom Aircraft, Inc.
    We provide quality exterior finishes (factory or custom design) to the private aircraft customer.
  • Painting Your Own Aircraft
    This article, entitled "PAINTING... Solving the Mystery" was first published in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine by Ron Alexander.
  • Sherwin-Williams Self Etching Primer
    988 G.B.P. Self Etching Primer - Aerosol is ideal for spot/panel repairs where small bare metal areas are present. It increases both adhesion and corrosion protection on small sand throughs. 988 may be topcoated directly for quick and easy repairs.
  • Stewart Systems EPA Compliant Aircraft Finishing
    Your only single source for a complete line of revolutionary aircraft coatings that are both the Finest Finishes Available and People-Safe and now STC APPROVED! Check out these videos.
  • The Great Pinhole Filler - UV Smooth Prime
    UV Smooth Prime is a crosslinkable waterborne urethane. It is used on composite aircraft to protect the structural epoxy of your composite surface from harmful UV light. It also provides an easy-to-apply, sandable coating and fills pinholes in your composite surfaces.
Aircraft Parts/Accessories/Hardware - Back to the TOP!
  • Aerox Oxygen Systems
    AEROX is your specialist in aviation oxygen systems and accessories.
  • Aircraft Extras
    MANY Products for RVs.
  • CH Products Control Sticks
    Inspired by Owner and President Chuck Hayes' love for aviation, CH Products manufacturers a control grip specifically designed for experimental homebuilt aircraft.
  • EPM.AV Corporation
    Innovative Aftermarket Products for Experimental Aircraft.
  • Fairings-Etc. Fiberglass Aircraft Fairings
    Custom made with pride and craftsmanship, Fairings-Etc. fairings can give your aircraft additional style, sleekness and increased efficiency.
  • Genuine Aircraft Hardware, Inc.
    We at Genuine Aircraft Hardware Company specialize all of our service in the area of Aircraft Fasteners and items closely related to Aircraft Fasteners.
  • Inifity Aerospace - Military Stick Grips
    Military Style Control Stick Grips for Aircraft, and for *MANY* other uses.
  • James Aircraft Inc.
    James Aircraft is the manufacturer of the "Holy Cowl" for the RV series and Mustang II.
  • Just RV Parts
    Oil Door Hidden Hinge
  • Latches for cowling and access doors
    The Hartwell H-5000-2 is a unique spring-loaded, trigger action latch for cowling and access doors. Made of corrosion resistant steel. Rivet or spot weld to structure.
  • Micro Fasteners
    For many years hobbyists and engineers have relied on Micro Fasteners' inventory of affordably priced socket screws, machine screws, locknuts, washers, sheet metal or self tapping screws, wood screws, other fasteners and related items in U.S. and metric sizes.
  • Rubber Wing Walk Material
    Ray Allen wing walks are a low profile, high quality, self- adhesive, non-slip material. The rubbery texture feels much better to the touch (and the knees) than the gritty, sandpaper-like material commonly used for wing walks in the past.
  • Sacramento Sky Ranch
    Distributors of Aircraft Parts since 1940.
  • Sensenich Propellers
    Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company manufactures and services our own fixed-pitch metal (aluminum) propellers for Type Certified and Homebuilt / Kit aircraft.
  • Skybolt Aircraft Fasteners
    20,000 SQ FT State of the Art Manufacturing and Distribution of Specialty Aerospace Fasteners.
  • Smoking Airplanes.COM
    Smoke systems kits for full scale aircraft.
  • The Sport Flying Shop
    We are YOUR source for the most advanced glass panel displays available for sport/experimental aviation!
Aircraft Tools/Supplies - Back to the TOP!
  • Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies, aircraft parts and tools, always at the lowest prices. Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft including the Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster and Europa, as well as factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney.
  • Aircraft Tool Supply
    Shop in our online store for rivet guns, riveting kits, sheet metal tools, inspection equipment, aircraft engine tools, and other specialty aircraft tools.
  • Avery Tools LP
    Avery Tools is a leading tool supplier to the Sport Aviation Market. We sell specialty tools aimed towards the construction of aluminum aircraft.
  • Brown Aviation Tool Supply
    We stock a wide range of tooling including: Air Tools, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Rivet Guns, Bucking Bars, Threaded Drills, Countersinks, Hi-Lok Tooling, CherryMax Tooling, Jo-Bolt Tools, Cobalt & HSS Drills, Rivet Sets, Tool Kits, Carbide Tooling, Composite Tooling and much more.
  • Cleaveland Aircraft Tools
    Cleaveland Aircraft Tool & Material located in Boone, Iowa has become one of the most reputable suppliers of tools needed in the construction of the RV projects.
  • ExperimentalAero
    ExperimentalAero's goal is to provide experimental aircraft builders and owners with innovative tools and components for their projects. Home of the DRDT-1 & 2.
  • PlaneTools.com
    Highest quality name brand aircraft tools, lowest prices, best guarantee. We will work hard to earn and keep your business. We ship to RV Builder's around the globe.
  • Professional Air Riveting Tools
    Professional quality tools, for homebuilt Aircrafts.
  • Sears.com
    Craftsman Fly Circle Cutter
  • The Yard
    The Yard is your low cost resource for new and used air tools, aircraft sheetmetal tools and aviation tool needs. Whether you are looking for a rivet gun, right angle drill, pistol grip drill, pneumatic rivet shaver, cleco, microstop, holefinder, reamer, drill bit, scale, rivet set, or any other tool related to aircraft or airplane maintenance and repair, we are your supplier.
  • U.S. Industrial Tool & Supply Company
    Manufacturer of quality tools and machinery serving thousands of aircraft tool users worldwide.
  • Wicks Aircraft Supply
    Helping Aviators Build the Aircraft of Their Dreams for Over 30 Years.
Aviation Websites - Back to the TOP!
  • FunPlacesToFly.com
    All gassed up and no place to go? We have an ever growing list of Aviation Events and Fun Places to Fly, provided by pilots like you who love aviation.
Avionics/Systems/Monitors/Panels - Back to the TOP!
  • Accuracy Avionics Inc.
    Whether you build it yourself with one of our exclusive Panel Kits, order a Personalized Custom Plug and Play Panel or save money with one of our Standardized Panels, we have the panel to fit your flying needs and your budget!
  • Advanced Flight Systems
    Engine Monitoring.
  • Affordable Panels
    Instrument panels for experimental aircraft.
  • AutoPilots Galore!
    From Aircraft Extras, Inc.
  • Avery® Clear Inkjet Labels
    Professional-looking labels with excellent black and color print quality. Works with Microsoft® Word on HP, Canon, Epson and other inkjet printers.
  • Avionics Hangar
    We offer products ranging from individual components to complete, custom avionic installation kits that enable you to install your own avionics.
  • Dynon Avionics
    Dynon Avionics designs, manufactures and distributes a growing line of affordable glass cockpit avionics. Operated by aviation enthusiasts, Dynon utilizes the very latest state-of-the-art technologies to create modern avionics products with an emphasis on lowering prices and enhancing reliability.
  • ePanel Builder from Whisky Victor Inc.
    The ePanel Builder is an online aircraft instrument panel design and collaboration tool providing you the resources necessary to design and build your custom aircraft's panel.
  • Flightcom 403LSA 2 Place Intercom
    Stereo intercom features include 2-place capability, instant music muting, and pilot isolate so you can focus on your flight.
  • Grov-Air Custom Molded Panels
    Because of our extensive experience with advanced aircraft avionics we are now offering custom-built instrument panels for the RV-series of aircraft.
  • Kelley Instruments, Inc.
    Our mission is to provide our customers high quality aircraft instruments with unconditional satisfaction. Over the years, we have been a business of integrity with exceptional values. We are committed to these traits, and providing our customers with exceptional service.
  • Navaid Devices, Inc.
    The Navaid Devices autopilot was designed specifically for homebuilders and is intended for use only in aircraft licensed in the experimental category.
  • Pitot/Static Tubing and Fittings
    Pitot/Static Tubing and Fittings from SteinAir.
  • PS Engineering
    Audio and Intercom Systems.
  • Rocky Mountain Avionics
    Experimental aircraft all over the world are using the microENCODER and microMONITOR to add safety, reduce panel space and enjoy computer-based electronic instrumentation.
  • RST Engineering
    RST Engineering is a small, family run aviation and communication electronics kit manufacturer and direct seller.
  • Stark's Aviation
    Electrical and Lighting Services.
  • Stratomaster ENIGMA
    Introducing the Stratomaster Enigma advanced EFIS. Currently in full production status, the Enigma panel complements our range with a comprehensive, feature-packed system. The Enigma includes EFIS, Engine monitoring (including dual engines) and a full-featured moving map navigation system.
  • The Sport Flying Shop
    Comms, Avionics and Instruments.
  • TruTrak Flight Systems, Inc.
    Trutrak Digital Autopilots represents the greatest advance in General Aviation autopilot technology since the invention of the Century III Autopilot in 1965.
  • Using a 3-blade Coax Stripper
    Preparing the end of a coax feedline for connector installation with ordinary hand tools takes a fair amount of skill and care. Various layers of insulation and outer braid must be cleanly cut away at locations appropriate to he connector being installed. For the first several decades of the history of BNC connector installation, the technician used a sharp knife, a deft touch and some degree of skill and practice for "eye-balling" the right dimensions. Like all hand-operations, the risk for having to start over due to lack of diligence was moderately high. A number of clever tool manufactures now offer devices fitted with multiple blades, each one spaced appropriately for strip lengths and set for proper depth of cut.
  • Various Antenna Locations
    William Curtis' RV10 Antenna Locations.
  • Vertical Power
    Simplify your flight operations and monitor your engine with five buttons.
  • XPanel Software
    Build your panel online!
Builder Assistance/Help/Aircraft Services - Back to the TOP!
  • Exp Aircraft Services
    Welcome to Exp Aircraft Services, our capabilities include: Dynamic Propeller Balancing & Vibration Analysis; Altimeter/Static System Certification (CRS pending FAA approval); Transponder Certification (CRS pending FAA approval) ; Avionics/Electrical Systems Repair & Troubleshooting; Airframe/Engine Maintenance & Repair; Certified Aircraft Weighing and Compute W&B. For Experimental Aircraft, we specialize in Van's RV series Aircraft; Annual Condition Inspections; Comprehensive Pre-buy Inspections; Instrument Panel Modifications; Electronic Ignition Install; Auto Pilot Installation; Builder Assist, Structure/Systems/Avionics; Oxygen Refilling; FREE Safety Inspections, PLUS an EAA Technical Counselor.
connection - Back to the TOP!
Documentation - Back to the TOP!
Email Support Groups/Help - Back to the TOP!
  • Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Material
    Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), part 21, section 21.191(g), defines an amateur-built aircraft as an aircraft “the major portion of which has been fabricated and assembled by person(s) who undertook the construction project solely for their own education or recreation.”
  • DAR Directory (PDF)
    Complete DAR/ODAR/DAS/DOA/SFAR 36 Directory.
  • FAA Aircraft N-numbers
    Online search, reserve and renewal.
  • How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt
    Overview of How to Register and Certify Your Homebuilt By EAA Aviation Services.
  • Matronics Email Lists
    Various RV email groups.
  • Rivet Bangers
    An online information exchange for RV builders and pilots.
  • RV Builder's Hotline
    The RV Builder's Newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter distributed every Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to those who have subscribed. It contains information about building and flying the RV series of experimental aircraft from Van's Aircraft Inc., of Aurora, OR.
  • RV Forums Search
    Message archive of the old Vans Air Force Yahoo Group.
  • Van's Air Force, Website & Forum
    Van's Air Force, the World Wide Wing.
  • Yahoo - RV-7A & 9A
    This group is dedicated to all prospective builders, current builders and current flyers of the Van's Aircraft line of kit airplanes - RV-7, RV-7A, RV-9, RV-9A, RV-10 and owners of RV-6 and RV-6As.
Find Other RV Builders - Back to the TOP!
Flight Training/Transitioning - Back to the TOP!
heat - Back to the TOP!
Homebuilder Logs - Back to the TOP!
  • ExperCraft Simple Log
    ExperCraft Simple Log is a powerful yet easy-to-use system allowing builders of experimental/homebuilt aircraft to store and share their project log information on line.
  • Kitlog Pro
    KitLog Pro is an organizational tool that allows the builder of any type of aircraft to create, archive, maintain, and display the entire building process.
Homemade Tools/How Tos' - Back to the TOP!
Insurance - Back to the TOP!
  • EAA Aircraft Insurance
    The EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan and the EAA Non-Owned (Renters) Aircraft Insurance Plan addresses these special requirements by offering a wide array or expanded insurance coverages for all types of aircraft.
IPhone Aviation Apps - Back to the TOP!
  • ForeFlight Mobile 2.4
    Version 2.4 includes brand new ways to view METAR, TAF, and winds aloft data, as well as terminal procedures stored on disk, favorites, full screen and rotatable weather views, a customizable tab bar, and over 3,000 additional airport thumbnail diagrams.
  • Hilton Software LLC
    WingX provides the tools for a pilot to calculate their weight and balance, plan a route, view color-coded METARs and TAFs along that route, check the animated RADAR, get a legal DUATS weather briefing including NOTAMs, and then file a VFR or IFR flight plan, all in a matter of minutes.
Paint Your Own Airplane! - Back to the TOP!
Publications (Books/Videos) - Back to the TOP!
Reference/Conversion Tables - Back to the TOP!
RV Videos (for motivation) - Back to the TOP!

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