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RV-9A: Vertical Stabilizer - 10/20/2005
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Finished drilling the lightning holes on the VS-808PP spar doublerFinished drilling the lightning holes on the VS-808PP spar doubler
The holes turned out nice on the spar doubler. I am starting to take the suggestions made on the Orndorff Videos with a grain of salt. My background in home construction kicks in every once in while and makes me have a raised eyebrow when something doesn't sound like it's the best way to do something.
Finished deburring and sanding the rear spar and doublerFinished deburring and sanding the rear spar and doubler
That scotchbrite wheel is a real life saver. Once pass over the wheel and a little light hand sanding is all it takes. The sponge sanding blocks from Lowes (aircraft supply) really make a nice rounded edge on the aluminum. I always finished everthing off with some regular 300 grit sandpaper just to make sure I get everything as smooth as possible.
Added another air outlet for paint sprayerAdded another air outlet for paint sprayer
I knew eventually that I would need to use a paint sprayer, but was dreading unhooking everything so I could have a "dedicated" clean hose that didn't have any oil inside of it from the in-line oil lubricator. Then I came up the idea of putting in a new "T" in front of the in-line oil lubricator, which would prevent oil from getting into the line. I also have a 2nd air regulator at far right of this setup for a constant 38 lbs of pressure for the rivet gun. That way I will always have my drill and my rivet gun ready without having to jack with air pressure.
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