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RV-9A: Vertical Stabilizer - 10/27/2005
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Clecoed on the VS skinClecoed on the VS skin
I finished riveting the ribs to the front spar but forgot to take a picture of it. All of the rivets went in easily except for the bottom ribs where they attach to the front spar. I just couldn't seem to get the right angle to set the rivets right. I had to drill out these rivets a few times before getting it right. I'm starting to get good at drilling out rivets, sorry to say. I managed to not damage the sides of the holes of the ribs and spars at all.
Here's a shot of the ribs and spars of the VSHere's a shot of the ribs and spars of the VS
The problem with attaching the bottom ribs to the front spar is that the spar and ribs are not at right angles. The spar leans back and makes it tough to get to the rivets on one side.
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