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RV-9A: Flaps - 8/16/2007
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Fabricated the FL-906A angleFabricated the FL-906A angle
This was a real time consumer. First to get all the intricate measurements right, cut each one out on the bandsaw, do a rough smoothing on the bench grinder, and then finally smoothing everything over with the scotchbrite wheel. Also, the angles on these pieces are not at a 90 degree angle, they are specially formed to match the inboard end rib on the flap that goes off at an angle.
Made the FL-906C spacersMade the FL-906C spacers
I made these parts from one of the aluminum sheets in the bundle that I got with the tail kit a long time ago. The drawing identifies the material as AS3-025x1-1/4x2, which is .025 inches thick, indicated by the 025 of AS3-025. This is where a caliper comes in handy.
Here they areHere they are
Ready for drilling.
Drilled the FL-906C spacer and FL-906A angle to the sparDrilled the FL-906C spacer and FL-906A angle to the spar
The FL-906C spacer is sandwiched between FL-906A angle and FL-903. I made sure that the edge of the FL-906A was flush with the inboard edge of the spar.
Clecoed the bottom skin to the sparClecoed the bottom skin to the spar
I clecoed the spar to the skin and spread the clecos out with about 8" between them. Then I shoved the clecoed assembly up against the side of the table, using the clecos as a stop.
Drilled and clecoed a few holes into the work tableDrilled and clecoed a few holes into the work table
I drilled every other hole and then forced a blue sharpie into the hole to mark the particle board underneath the skin, otherwise I wouldn't be able to make out these holes from all of the old holes already in the table top.
Drilling time!Drilling time!
I put a 5/8" drill bit into my electric drill and started making holes. These holes will allow me to lay the clecoed skin and rib assembly flat on the table. I love this next line in the instructions: "The flat table will not be used for anything else so it does not matter that you are filling it with holes." They probably should have put this bit of information right after the part where they tell builders to build this particle board mini table in the aileron section of the instructions. I imagine some builders probably decided just to use their own work benches to build the ailerons and flaps. This part could be a real shocker. I know, I know, read ahead before starting any project.
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