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RV-9A: Flaps - 12/30/2007
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Starting backriveting the bottom skin on the right flapStarting backriveting the bottom skin on the right flap
Apparently you need more than 3 days to let Proseal set up when it's cold outside. When I took all of the clecos out, the trailing edge starting to warp a little, but it didn't come apart. I weighted it down with a 2x4 and some bricks and everything layed flat nicely while backriveted the rivets half-way down. Then I finished everything off on the flip side with the mushroom rivet set on the rivet gun.
Phew! Finished!Phew! Finished!
The flaps were quite a wrestling match, but not near as difficult as the ailerons. I think the RV-7 flaps are probably a lot easier to build than the RV-9s.
Here they are!Here they are!
I had to pull out the other flap for quick picture. I'm quite proud of the way they turned out.
Tried it out for funTried it out for fun
I temporarily hung one flap and one aileron on just to see how they will once attached. I was surprised how wide it makes the wing.
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