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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 4/30/2010
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Drilled the holes in the Gascolator bracketDrilled the holes in the Gascolator bracket
I removed the rudder pedal assembly so I could get a good shot at drilling these holes. The gascolator on the forward side of fuselage will be bolted on later. I used my unibit to start the hold in the bracket. Then when I reached the 5/8" mark on the bit, I moved to the forward side of firewall. When I went over to the forward side, I found that the %^&* stainless steel metal in the firewall had a ragged cut and almost looked like a flower of metal blooming around the 5/8" hole. I used a small pair of needlenose pliars to push the flower edges of the hole back inside the hole. Then when I used the unibit on the forward side of the firewall, it removed the excess metal and made a nice clean hole in the firewall.
Put the rudder pedals back placePut the rudder pedals back place
I started putting in the rivets into the top angle brace where it connects to the angle stiffener on the firewall. I was lucky, the pneumatic squeezer fit almost perfectly inside the firewall hole to get five of these rivets in. The last rivet was impossible to get to with any tool in my arsenal, so I used a pop-rivet.
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