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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 8/4/2010
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Back from Oshkosh (or OshSlosh)Back from Oshkosh (or OshSlosh)
Who cares about mud and rain. We had a great time! We rented this 34 foot RV from El Monte RV. It was NICE! It had 2 pop-outs and a really large fridge for the beer (and some food). We had to spend the first night at the Oshkosh Fairgrounds because Camp Scholler was too muddy. The next day they let us into the camp and even refunded our money for the first night. I've never driven a rig this big. I found out that the van front RV's have truck frames, but these bigger bug-eyed rigs have bus frames. BIG difference in ride and noise. The bus version is much smoother and quieter than the truck version. More pictures here
Bought some stuffBought some stuff
I went over to Aircraft Spruce and bought the Dynon 100 EFIS and the 120 Engine Monitor with all the hookups. They gave me a whopping 2 percent discount and a girly calendar. Wow, that really offsets what I payed for the trip here (note the sarcasm). However, one of the ladies in the calendar just happened to be there and I got her autograph on her photo.
I just couldn't pass this up...I just couldn't pass this up...
There was a vendor in the fly-market that made these custom signs on the spot. So I got one. It's say's it all!
Oh yeah, I worked on the RV (the winged version)Oh yeah, I worked on the RV (the winged version)
After installing the motor mount, I saw in the really really fine, tiny, hardly noticeable corner of one the drawings that you have to drill a hole to allow you to put in the front gear leg bolt into the motor mount. Also, one drawing says to make the hole 3/4" and another says to make the hole 1 inch. Hmmm.... Which one? So I removed the motor mount and made a 1 inch hole. I also noticed that that in the same drawing, there are multiple holes that can be done at this stage for various cables and stuff. So I will do that tomorrow. Apparently the missing of the drilling of this hole is a common mistake among builders.
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SmittysRV.com is an Amazon Associate
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