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RV-9A: Electrical - 4/21/2011
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Bought Van's Intercom Wiring HarnessBought Van's Intercom Wiring Harness
The first time I saw this harness in the shopping cart on Van's website, I thought "no way", it costs more than the friggin' intercom! So I decided to wire the intercom myself. After looking for the right wires and cables (for days) and trying to understand the Flightcom instructions, and trying to do microscopic soldering with my old fat fingers, I decided to just forget it and bought the cotton-pickin' harness. The harness that I made looked like an old horse harness, except it would have fit appropriately on the ass end of the horse. It's in the trash can now. My homemade harness looked like the tentacles of Davie Jones in Pirates of the Carribean. Van's harness is well made and the instructions are great!
Now to get the harness readyNow to get the harness ready
I have the Flightcom 403 stereo intercom. There were a couple of wires that needed to be clipped, then I put the outside cover on the pin connector.
A trial fitA trial fit
Looking good. I will need to drill some holes in the sub panel for grommets to run the wires into the cabin for the headsets and the push-to-talk switches on the sticks.
Here's the panelHere's the panel
Ain't it purdy?
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