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RV-9A: Project Entry

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Started work on attaching the Trim Tab Horn

The instructions say to rivet the Trim Tab Horn to the Trim Tab skin. This seemed a little weird to me, knowing that I would have to bend the skin end tabs at some point. The Trim Tab Horn would definitely get in the way doing the skin bends. Oh well, I'm going to follow the instructions. I clecoed on the trim tab horn and the spar and drilling out the holes in the trim tab and one hole to the left of trim tab horn.
UPDATE - 2/9/2006: As you will see on the next entry, I should have bent the end tabs first and then attached the control horns. I can see that riveting on the control horns would be difficult after the tabs where bent, but not as difficult as bending the end tabs after the control horns are attached.

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