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RV12iS! A Fun & Easy Airplane to Build - VansAircraftBuilders.com
Van's aircraft makes it easy to build an airplane. This video is only a sample of the ease of construction. Van's provides a method to hang side panels without having to hold them in place. Cool!
Broomsticks and Blue Stuff - VansAircraftBuilders.com
Here's how I remove the blue film from the big sheets of metal. Thanks goes out to Jason Ellis for this great tip: https://youtu.be/2I3NJqnpCjg?t=163 Visit his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/vihravendrel Visit his Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/palamedes
More work on the Stabilator Spar - Part 4 - VansAircraftBuilders.com
Work continues on the RV-12iS Stabilator Spar Box, adding more and more items before attaching the ribs and the outer skin.
Pop Riveting in Tight Places - VansAircraftBuilders.com
The majority of riveting on the RV-12iS is done with the LP4-3 Pop Rivet. Most go in very easily, but some require a great trick from Van's, an angled wedge that allows the installation of a Pop Rivet in situations where the pop rivet gun barrel is too large to use perpendicular to a surface.
100 Dollar Hamburgers! Life is Good! - VansAircraftBuilders.com
What a great combination, Van's RV Aircraft and Hamburgers! Join us as we Fly Gene's RV-7A from McKinney National Airport to Sulphur Springs Airport, to grab a burger at The Red Barn Cafe!
Propeller Adapter for V8 Auto Engines - VansAircraftBuilders.com
Stuart Davis of Auto PSRU demonstrates a real time demonstration of his company's geared drive on an automotive engine, allowing the conversion of auto engines for aircraft use. Visit their website: https://www.autopsrus.com/
Upper & Lower Cable Horns Assembly - VansAircraftBuilders.com
In this video I'm am attaching and final drilling the upper and lower stabilator horns to the stabilator spar assembly on my RV-12iS from Van's Aircraft.
RV-12iS Horizontal Stabilizer: Vlog #2 - VansAircraftBuilders.com
In this video I'm assembling the Spar Cap for the horizontal stabilizer of the RV-12iS.
RV-12iS Horizontal Stabilizer: Vlog #1 - VansAircraftBuilders.com
In this video I'm putting the Hinge Brackets together for the front spar or the horizontal stabilizer of the RV-12iS.
Basic Tools to Build a Van's RV - VansAircraftBuilders.com
Here are some of the tools and accessories I used to build my RV-9A.

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