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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 5/16/2010
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Finished up the static lineFinished up the static line
Here are the final connections for the static system (aft). 2 clear plastic tube lines placed directly on the 2 of the inlits on the "T", and short piece of clear plastic tube on the 3 inlit, with the big rubber crammed on top of the short piece of tubing. Pretty simple.
Here's the whole enchilida (pitot system)Here's the whole enchilida (pitot system)
I bought a bag of zip ties to hole the clear tubing in place using the pre-drilled holes in the bulk-head.
Dimpled the forward deck skinDimpled the forward deck skin
I thought I might as well get this tedious job out of the way and store it in the overhead rack.
Time to install the forward panel deckTime to install the forward panel deck
But first, this single rivet needs to go into the longeron and side rib. Part of the panel structure will rivet to the rib below the longeron.
A little pre-riveting before installing the panel deckA little pre-riveting before installing the panel deck
I decided to rivet as much of the panel deck structure together as possible before putting it in position. I found that the structure must go in in two sections like the picture. If it was one solid structure, it would be impossible to get it into position.
There are a lot of rivets in this dude. Now I have to figure out what to work on next. hmmm.....
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