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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 8/9/2010
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Look, it's modern art!Look, it's modern art!
Nope, jes' a motor mount with the front gear leg stuck in it. I figured while I have the motor mount off, I would ream the hole like I did on the mains. Here I getting setup to use my 7.9mm HSS CHUCKING REAMER from Averys, which is the same as the 0.311 reamer called for in the plans.
Holding the motor mount in place so I can drillHolding the motor mount in place so I can drill
I drilled a couple of holes in the workbench (among the other multiple holes) and put two smaller diameter bolts in the top two mount holes of the motor mount. This freed me up and allowed me to insert the front gear and get it into position for drilling.
Here's da' reamerHere's da' reamer
You need to oil this dude down while using it.
I'm the ream-inator...I'm the ream-inator...
Peace of cake. All this setup for one little "whoosh" through the metal.
Mounted my new Smitty sign in the garageMounted my new Smitty sign in the garage
I Like It!
Mounted the brake reservoir to the firewallMounted the brake reservoir to the firewall
The drawing only shows a measurement for the center line of the brake reservoir on the firewall. You have to figure out where the bolt holes go. Also the instructions don't mention anything about drilling the hole in the firewall for the line that goes from the back side of the firewall into the brake reservoir . So I grabbed my trusty hole-size-figure-outer and determined that the hole for the brake reservoir is 1/2 inch. So I eyeballed where that hole should go by lining up the two top holes in the brake reservoir with the top row of rivets in the firewall angle brace behind the firewall. After drilling the 1/2 inch hole for the brake line, I stuck the brake reservoir in the hole and used the top 2 holes in the brake reservoir as a guide to drill the bolt holes.
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