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Pop Rivet Wedge Tool and Rudder Hinges
Started work on the RV-12 Vertical Stabilizer last night. Created the wedge tools for putting in Pop-rivets at an angle and assembled the hinge brackets for the back of the vertical stabilizer.
There were 2 AEX Wedges in the kit that were 3 inches long that we altered to make a bunch wedge tools for installing pop-rivets at an angle. These wedges are only tools and aren't part of the aircraft. AEX wedges are also used in closing the trailing edges of the ailerons and flaps on other models, like the RV-9A.

Here's how they are used:

The hinge brackets come in one piece of aluminum and have to cut into 4 individual brackets. Here's the assembly of the hinge brackets, along with the hinge space and bearing:


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RV Metal Aircraft Tools
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